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Favorite Spring Colors - Tutorial here

Sparkly Hearts on Black Matte - Tutorial here

Tiffany Blue, the color of love. Show me you love me, buy my shiny things… (forgive my cynical and jaded heart) think of this as an Anti-Valentine’s
I Heart Shiny Things
Hello Guys!!
I’m sorry for being away for so long. There’s been some things happening that have kept me from doing what I love so much. I won’t be 100% just yet, so in the meantime, here’s a tutorial a film two months ago and just edited. I think it could be appropriated for Valentine’s Day.  To my old followers, thank you for staying ♥ and to my new followers, hi ^^ how are you? Welcome!

I never posted my Thanksgiving Nails… sorry!

Purple Gradient Chevron - Tutorial here

I want to do something for you guys.

I am going to draw a chibi based on what your account is and how it looks like. Here’s an example picture:


What you have to do:

REBLOG this post only once. likes do not count. BUT, you can like the post so you can reblog it later. ^^

make sure your sumit page is OPEN so I can sumit your little chibi. c: 

I’ll try to work hard to get your chibis in asap. 

happy reblogging! ^^

- j-aehyun

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My Dream Leopard Shoes Nail Art Tutorial

My Dream Leopard Shoes nail art. Tutorial here.

Nautical Stripes - Tutorial here

October in Pink 2013

Tutorials here